Our Story

The Levendi family have gained international reputation for their creative and unique designs.

At Levendi you will find unique handcrafted jewellery, enhanced by the use of Australian South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, diamonds, opals and other precious stones. Breathtakingly beautiful necklaces and stylish pieces of jewellery from France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, exclusive Greek designs that draw their inspiration from ancient Greece.

The master craftsmen at Levendi have won many awards for their craftsmanship and outstanding quality of manufacture. Levendi are consistent winners of prestigious awards including the current Australian DeBeers 2000 Supreme Award. Their expertise is evident in each superb piece lovingly handcrafted in their own workshops.

Here they will create jewellery according to the client’s desires in a very limited time, or design a unique piece with that distinctive Levendi touch.


Our History

LEVENDI was founded in South Africa in 1967 by Sophia and Nicholas Levendi, yet the LEVENDI family odyssey began on the cradle of civilisation, Greece.

Nick and Sophia LEVENDI quickly established a reputation of exceptional quality and stunning design, culminating in the establishment of Elegance Jewellers in South Africa. This flagship store was voted one of the most beautiful jewellery stores in the world in 1981.

The LEVENDI family’s legendary journey transported Nick, Sophia and their family to Sydney, Australia in 1984 and continued the family tradition by acquiring Perri Jewellers in 1985. The family immediately began where they left off in South Africa and quickly earned a reputation of leaders in design, innovation and winning countless prestigious national and international design awards.

The LEVENDI flagship boutique is located in the heart of Sydney CBD at 139 Elizabeth Street.